Growth, SEO, martech and low-code solutions for tech companies.

We work with Y Combinator startups, unicorns, public companies, and new rockets in stealth mode - Based on your needs, we assign you a dedicated team.

Our Capabilities

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Performance Marketing
  • Writing & Content Strategy
  • Low-Code Solutions & Webflow Development
  • Martech: Architect & Integrate the Marketing Stack
  • Marketing & Business Automation
  • Data Tracking & Analytics
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Productivity: Design & Manage Internal Workflows
  • Train & Support Marketing Staff
  • Webflow Training

Our Team

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Growth Directors
  • Software Engineers
  • Low-Code Developers & Webflow Experts
  • Data & Events Tracking Specialists
  • Product Designers
  • Content & SEO Managers
  • Writers & Editors


Orlando Osorio

  • As a growth consultant, Orlando has worked with 25+ startups, including unicorns and large tech companies, such as Medium, Robinhood, BetterUp, Reforge, Grove, Rocketplace, Shift, PicsArt, ConsumerAffairs and Swagbucks.
  • Founded some companies (travel, wellness, environmental & consulting)
  • Webflow Developer and promoter of the "No-Code & Low-code" movement
  • Member of Reforge and Demand Curve
  • Interim Chief / Head of Growth for several startups
  • Received Angel Investment from Michael Seibel (fun story!)
  • Participated in three accelerators: MassChallenge, Wayra & Startup Chile
  • Angel investor and Limited Partner at 500 Startups and 0bs
  • Promoter of healthy work cultures & habits (seriously)
  • 8+ years in the tech industry. Before tech: worked at Coca-Cola for 3 years in Strategic Planning, Business Intelligence & Logistics
  • B.S. Product & Services Engineer, focused on Project Management and Entrepreneurship


Alberto Sadde

  • Previously Lead Engineer at Akorda
    • Akorda is a leading AI-powered contract management service for Fortune 100 companies
    • Alberto was in charge of infrastructure, APIs and integrations
  • Research Engineer, Manager and overall "go-getter" at AiFi
    • AiFi provides self-checkout technology for brick-and-mortar retailers worldwide like Walmart and Carrefour
    • Amazon-go competitor
  • Async work advocate: has implemented successful no-meeting policies in multiple teams
  • Angel Investor
  • 10+ years in the tech industry
  • Before startups: dropped out of Oxford Phd., Research Engineer at BAE Systems
    • At Oxford he focused on semantic optimization of functional programs
    • Developed optimization algorithms for submarines

Growth, Product & Marketing Ops Advisor

Ana Alida Abdala

  • 8 years of experience in digital marketing, and 4 years of growing a Mexican startup from 50 employees to unicorn status and over 1,000 collaborators.
  • A transformation from Growth Specialist to Growth Acquisition Director, with a focus on marketing operations and management of comprehensive growth teams involving marketing, product, and technology.
  • Perform performance marketing strategies on platforms like Facebook and Google Ads to generate sales, particularly for B2B companies.
  • Mastery of martech tools and analytics for business decision-making drives testing culture.
  • Over one year's experience managing and owning digital products, focusing on adapting product methodologies to the needs of the designers, developers, and analysts.
  • As a leader, I'm passionate about helping our teams grow and promoting mental health as the basis of my lifestyle.
  • B.S. Industrial Engineer

Core Team

We work with venture-backed companies, great teams and ambitious entrepreneurs. Since we've walked in those shoes, we can empathize more with their day-to-day situations and challenges.

How we learn

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